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Weekly Words of Wisdom Think Positive.


Feature Photo by Viktor Forgacs

Think Positive?

I could never understand why so many people say, “Be positive.” How can I become positive? I asked myself.  With this, I went on a journey to find out how to be positive, but to no avail. I was exhausted. Sitting down under a tree, I fell asleep. I was surprised to hear a wee voice, with an Irish accent. “Surely it’ll be yourself you’re looking for? Never you mind about being positive.”

I awoke to recall the little green elf’s words (After speaking to local Irish experts, it was confirmed, I had an encounter with a Leprechaun!) Looking for myself I questioned, how do I do this?

I needn’t have asked the question, because I felt a deep change had taken place in me. Filled with new confidence, inner power, and spiced with an air of peace. I knew I had found myself.

Arriving at our local pharmacy, I greeted one of the assistants, who eyed me strangely saying, “Well now, you’re the positive one today Shaun.”

Aaah I thought, you found yourself and now you can say, I’m positive!

If you are trying to find out how to be positive, come to Ireland. Maybe you might have an encounter with a Leprechaun. The Leprechaun will tell you not to worry about trying to be positive, just look inside and find yourself. If you believe this, you will be astounded at the change in yourself.

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