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Weekly Words of Wisdom


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Changing Attitude

Mostly, changes, in all their forms came about unexpectedly in my life. Some were dramatically quick, others so slow that I didn’t even notice until they were upon me. In particular small changes were often like this.

If I give some thought; changes that I liked, I accepted; changes that I didn’t like, I resisted. Yet, I recall that often the changes that I embraced, were, in the long run not beneficial to me, and changes that I resisted became lost opportunities. In other words, accepting changes  I enjoy was not always the right thing for me and similarly, those I resisted, because they did not appeal to me, would have been the better option.

What I discovered over the years was this; I am not always the best judge of what changes to accept and which to resist.

If I was to accept changes that came into my life without resisting, then I could in due course apply these changes, ultimately to my benefit. If I could not apply them to my benefit I would accept them until such time as I was ready to make other arrangements.

I think of recent Covid-19 lockdown regulations. Here was change affecting people on a global basis. As these changes were introduced by law, none of us could have resisted them, except under the pain of heavy fines. We all accepted the changes and began to adapt to the situation, awaiting a day when we could return to, at the very least, a semblance of our previous lifestyles.

Many of us started to work from home, adapting to being almost completely housebound and not enjoying the physical company of our fellow workers, family, or friends. Many were put off work, some were paid state benefits; airline pilots were painting houses, change was the order of the day in every phase of our lives. For the most part, it was, ‘adapt or die.’

I noticed at the beginning of this bizarre state, I resisted the enforced changes in my mind. But as time passed, I realized this attitude was fruitless and on the advice of several articles I read, relating to the subject of change, I did just that – I changed my attitude!

Knowing that I was helpless to resist the enforced changes I adapted to apply a different way of living, with a view to ‘putting a finger in the dyke’ until I could repair the hole.

I had no trouble sleeping after that.

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  1. Love this reflection on change. Thank you Sir Peter!

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