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Peter’s Quote of The Day

  1. I am a Lion by star sign. In my younger years, I took the title, “King of The Jungle” too seriously and began to take risks. Like the lion, who one day, away from his family pack, ran into seven Hyena, the hyena because of their number, decided to make him their next meal. He wisely opted for flight rather than fight and because of his superior speed managed to escape, but not without losing some flesh in the flight. The moral of this story is; it’s OK to be king and take risks, but be ready to part with some flesh along the way.

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Peter James

I love each new day; the advantage of waking up and finding I’m alive, and the fact that once again, opportunity calls from outside the covers. Its so worthwhile waking and having gratitude for being alive; because one day I will wake up and find I’m dead! On that day I shan’t bother to find out what’s outside the covers – I will know.

I am Author, Writer, and Blogger.

Whilst the titles might make me sound important, I am not. I love people and have a strong passion to encourage people and help them to love themselves.

Writing and publishing on my blog site is simply what I do.

What do I write? Over the years I have published, short stories, Inspirational articles, poems, reviews of books, movies, restaurants, and more.

Although of late I have focused more on ‘Words of Wisdom’ articles that invite people to challenge themselves as far as their self-development is concerned and these I publish weekly, under the title, “Weekly Words of Wisdom” on my blogsite:

Having had an excellent response to the “Weekly Words of Wisdom,” it makes sense to publish a daily, “Peter’s Quote for The Day,” in the hopes that you will, not only read it, but let the words be drawn into your very soul and finally, and most important of all – you will apply them to your life.

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