For those of us who don’t do the ‘High-Ride’ in adventure, reading of Dan’s travels is a nice armchair way of experiencing something uniquely different. Well done Dan and keep up the posts, they’re great!

India. A country so unique & fascinating that all the words in my vocabulary could be used to describe it in some way & somehow that description would fall flat. Some people do a very good job at summing up their time in India, I was so awestruck that I don’t think I can. I’ll stick to telling one short story at a time.

We had stayed in Mumbai for a few days & had just flown in to Goa. Apart from taxis, bicycles & tuk tuks, we hadn’t used any other transport in India. Standing just outside the arrivals hall were dozens of taxi drivers offering their services at an astronomical price. My brother & I had planned to use the bus from the airport to Panjim & set out to find the bus stop. We never use busses in our home country &, therefore, neither of us were…

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