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Chevy Lane – Food Experience with a Difference

Chevy Lane 1

A Restaurant Review.

We decided that we just felt like having a burger and Spur seemed like an obvious choice……..

All of a sudden, my eye caught the front end of a ‘Yellow Cab’ and instantly I recognized the grill of a ’55 Chevy. I have and interest in ‘things of old’ and Chevy Lane 2vintage cars form part of this interest. But this was different, the particular Chevy was a model of a car that my Father had back in the ‘50’s.

I was keen to show the car to my partner, explaining to her that my Father used to drive one like this.

We had a good view from the doorway of what we now recognized to be a restaurant.

A tall young man greeted us enthusiastically. “Come in”, he said. “Look around, you will be interested to see this restaurant”.

I was cautious, “Do you serve burgers”? I questioned. “Yes”, he replied enthusiastically, handing us two menus.

We were surprised at the huge range of items on the menu. My immediate thought was – every taste is catered for in this menu.

But the menu was only part of the surprise in store for us.

The location is Bedford View Centre, classy, upmarket; catering for all personal and household needs. There are several good foodies and many other interesting attractions.

But for us, in the moment, Chevy Lane was our focus.

The Restaurant was created from what was a very large game, pool, entertainment hall and the owners have spent millions along with huge imagination, to say nothing of ingenious initiative to establish a totally unique restaurant. I have a feeling it would be one of a kind in South Africa and possibly in Sub-Saharan Africa as well.

We moved into the restaurant, passing what was an imitation of a train leaving Grand Central Station in New York, extensive bars to our right, some pink Chevies, which had diner seating built into them. There were parts of ’50-60’s vintage American cars on the walls, more acting as a Chevy Lane 7ceiling. A vintage Harley Davidson motorized cycle…..the list seemed to be unending. For me it was almost too much for the eye to Chevy Lane 3take in and would require several more visits (which, by the way, we have definitely decided to do) in order to fully appreciate everything.

There is a large children’s playground with diner tables surrounding, so that parents can keep a closer eye on their younger offspring.

Almost breathless, we sat down in a ‘60’s Pontiac, which had, like many other table arrangements, diner seating was built into the cabriolet styled auto.

Chevy Lane 4

It took some time for us to decide which of the scrumptious burgers we would choose, but eventually we got there.

Not only is the menu able to cater for most tastes, there is also a good range of quality wines, for those who enjoy wine with their meal.

If I consider the cost layout of this fun and interesting restaurant – the meal prices were surprisingly reasonable and very affordable for a family group.

The restaurant is large and would certainly be able to accommodate several hundred patrons, yet it has a very unique ambience and this combination is uncommon in South Africa, in my opinion, where often, ambience goes hand-in-hand with small ‘n cosy.

I agree that burgers are a simple meal, but here was another surprise for us. The presentation was superb and you feel as if you are eating one of the more expensive dishes. However, all of this was nothing compared to the savor of a generous burger pattie of divine taste proportions.

Good tasty food is an important partner with brisk friendly, intelligent service and we received it all, in a large measure. Our waitron understood her menu and was quick to make suggestions, but most important she was happy and behaved as if she just loved her work.

Chevy Lane is an absolute must to try and as I said before, we’ll be going back, most certainly.

Call 011 -615-2450

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  2. Awesome! I’m definitely gonna drag some friends with me and go check it out. I won’t have to do that to hubby. He’ll probably be in the car before I say let’s go. 😅 Thanks for the tip.

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