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The Betrothal of the Knight Sir Peter James

Medieval Carriage

Now, it came to pass, that bold Knight, Sir Peter James, returned from his journey to the country of the dragons.
He was wont to see his maiden, the fair Layde Scarlet of all Albertinshire, to seek her hand in marriage.
On bended knee did he seek her approval to his bequest, “My Layde, I seek your hande in marriage, that I may satisfy the desires of my heart, even as I have sought all these years to give thee of my love”. The Knight did saye.
“Arise My Lord; my hand is thine, once I have sought approval of the Lord Albertin, my father”, saith The Layde Scarlett

Withe approval of Lord Albertin, the twain did journey to the Castle at Cullinan, in the land of diamonds. They journeyed there with the company of their good frendz, the fearless knight, Sir Corrie and The Layde Barbara of Waverley.
Sir Corrie courted them in his famed carriage, Beémdubbelewe Emthree, drawne by ait powerful steeds. The steeds did breathe fire as they drew the carriage along the way.
Upon their arrival at the Castle Cullinan, they did refresh, as, in the journey along the way they encountered not just a few knaves who were wont to take part in their riches, but the fearless knight Sir Corrie and the bold knight Sir Peter James did foil their plans, and set them on their way, thrassed.
The Lord Graitissdimon of the Wurlde were host to their presence in the castle at Cullinan.
So it was that that bold knight, Sir Peter James and his layde; The Layde Scarlett of Albertinshire did seek a tin smithy to fashion a ringe of great beauty for her fingere.
The fearless knight, Sir Corrie and his Layde, the layde Barbara of Waverley did agree that the ringe so fashioned by the tin-smithy, was indeed an item of great beauty and fitting for one such as The Layde Scarlett of all Albertinshire.
Upon this declaration, that bold Knight, Sir Peter James, did fall to his knees and made bequest of The Layde Scarlett to accede to betrothal with her Lord, that bold knight, Sir Peter James.
The Layde Scarlett sighted the ring, as it were placed upon her fingere and she cried out, “My Lord, I desire to be your betrothed and do accept this ringe as your pledge to me”.
There was much rejoicing and The Lord Graitissdimon of the Wurlde did celebrate a feaste in the honor of The Layde Scarlett of all Albertinshire and that bold knight, Sir Peter James.

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